Our most recent commissioning project is with the German composer Gordon Kampe, for a premiere to take place this fall in Germany.

Gordon Kampe

In 2010 we comissioned the trio Sonorence  by Junghae Lee and premiered it in October in Basel (Switzerland). We are proud to announce that we have received grants from the Kultur/ and the Fondation Nicati de Luze in Lausanne toward this commission.

Premier Sonorence

About Sonorence:

The piece ‘Sonorence’ is based on the resonance of the piano.  The inside of the piano is a place rich in resonance which even without  preparation can be transformed into a sound ‘playground’.  Thus the sound Action of the piano’s inside becomes the basis of the piece, while the flute and cello shape the Reaction to the sound.  The indigenous quality of the piano is opposite the 2 other instruments.
In this piece I am working with two sound sources: which I call the ‘Source’ sound and the ‘Result’ sound.  They share between them the relationship of Action and Reaction.  The active elements come form musical and non-musical sources, in particular my aural impression of the music of Meinrad Schütter, which I experience as rich in color and open.

About Junghae Lee

Junghae Lee was born in Tokyo in 1964 and is a Korean citizen. She studied composition with ByungDong Paik at Seoul National University and later took part in masterclasses with Isang Yun and Toru Takemitsu. In 1991 she moved to Basel, where she studied electronic music and harpsichord at the Musik-Akademie Basel.
A series of tape pieces reflects her search for strong and clear means of expression and led to their own idiom. After a phase of intensive activity in electro-acoustic music, she has once again turned her interest to instrumental composition. Special sounds and high expressivity characterize her work, both with and without electronic elements.
Her pieces have been performed in many concerts and festivals for contemporary music, such as <ISCM World Music Days>, <International Computer Music Conference>, <Gaudeamus Music Week>, <Synthese> in Bourges (F), <Asian Composers League>, and <Pan Music Festival> in Seoul.


We are excited to announce our next commission from composer Stephan Moore, to be performed in Spring 2013.